Modern Velvet Sofa

Upholstered Sofas

Our Upholstered Sofas are made on base of modern design. They are made to be very comfortable. Perfect for living room or relaxing area.

Our wide range of different Upholstery fabric let us make all kind of style of Sofas.
This is why we can do Bespoke Sofas, made to measure what is often demand for Luxury Villas, Yacht or Hotels.
Our standard Sofas are made as 250, 280 or 320 cm width, which is use for living room of apartments or villas. But for large living rooms or relaxing rooms we often make the bigger sofas or corner sofas.
Our Bespoke Armchairs and Sofas are use for Private Luxury Cinema or Theater Rooms, Library, Lounge rooms, Clubs and Play Rooms.
The fabric we offer for Sofas: Velvet in 250 shades, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Fake Silk and Cotton, Leather and Eco leather. Plain and patterned fabric. Jacquard Upholstery with modern design.

We have special offer for Hotels, Restaurants and Cruise for making Bespoke Sofas finished with Upholstery Fire Retardant.